Everything you’ve seen in those American movies from the 50s, 60s and 70s is about to happen to you. A luxury motel inspired by the love motels on Route 66 where you can get married and divorced on the same night. A diner and a secret room for getting up to no good… LOVER OR SINNER?


Room with a double bed and balcony. Each room includes an original neon headboard that pays tribute to one of the famous stops on Route 66. Lover or sinner, who are we to judge?



4Om2 to let yourself go in neon lights, a mirror with a phrase scrawled on it hung seductively over the bed and a balcony overlooking the pool so you don’t miss a thing. There’s also a sofa bed and a minibar in case you’re thirsty. We’ve just described a double room in Romeo’s, the hotel whose seedily seductive lighting makes the entire establishment glow red.


This is where it all goes down… at least during the day.
Romeo’s pool area would send Stendhal crazy as it’s our sun-soaked star of the show. Retro umbrellas, a kitsch, heart-shaped Jacuzzi and a snazzy diving board are its calling card.


The diner with the best hot dogs you’ve ever tasted, plus impossibly large milkshakes and all other kinds of naughty treats for the body. Think New York of the 70s, but with a Mediterranean touch. You’re already taking your time to come for breakfast, lunch or dinner.


Romeo’s Motel & Diner’s naughtiest extra is a secret room for getting up to no good. It’s kitted out with leopard sofas, a disco ball, a fully-equipped bar and a DJ booth. It’s available for private bookings for up to 20 people, so why not party for the sake of it! It also has a pole dance bar so that you can release your inner Demi Moore, a la Striptease, and a karaoke bar for those who don’t fancy shaking their maracas.

Wedding Chapel

We know that you’ve always wanted to go to Las Vegas and get married dressed as Elvis, maybe it’s because you ain’t down with the whole priest thing, so we’ve bought a lil’ ol wedding chapel to Ibiza to make your dreams come true. Be it all official like with a celebrant and the whole shebang, or with the first handsome/beautiful and willing guy/girl you meet on a drunken night out. The decision is yours, but there ain’t no regrets with option 2.


Romeo’s parking lot hosts the hotel’s star of the show: a specially designed neon sign and the neon and chrome façade of the diner. Parked up is a Cadillac Fleetwood and a spectacular limousine for transporting the bride and groom to and from our wedding chapel.

Venice Bay Court

For the walkway between Paradiso and Grand Paradiso we are planning a multifunctional space like in Venice Beach, which will be both a place to play sports and a social meeting point. We will take care of both the sports facilities (open-air gym, a colourful basketball court for pick-up games) and a leisure area with food trucks and a stage for live performances.

Day Pass

The Concept experience is designed for hotel guests and those who want to come by and enjoy our activities. Spending the whole day is the best way of knowing us but be warned: after a day with us you won’t want to set foot in your house again.

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C/ Lleó 3, 07830 Bahía de San Antonio, Ibiza


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